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Hearty welcome to Dhalangal, "collection of gifs & flower's casita"

Dhalangal is not a commercial blog of any purpose, just personal one for sharing mine & some of my friends collection of interesting graphics and flowers.

Dhalangal doesn’t own any of the graphics or images given here except those uploaded on my gif creation pages,photography my clicks, my drawings and flowers from my garden.

Other graphics were all collected from the web. The copyright of those are exclusively to the great graphic designers. If the designers recognizes any of their creations, please request a removal or I would be pleased to show my courtesy in adding your name.Most of the tiny cute gifs I use on the homepage is the creation of Camelia(kmygraphics),from
Romania..Thanks a lot mam...
As there is FM live streaming,moving sliders & graphics on the homepage it may take 2,3 minutes to load it fully, kindly be patient, thanks for visiting. Take Care

About Me & Dhalangal

Nisha (Nichu) from Kerala, currently settled in one of the Middle East countries with family. Started collecting Gifs since 10 years and still the thrill goes on and on...
Other than Gifs, flowers are my passion, a little bit of gardening and cooking Kerala style food for my family, some painting works in between and yes malayalam film song lyrics typing, thts me. Like to make banner designs and cards especially with animation effects..

The blog, DaLangal (ദളങ്ങൾ ) was started in 2012 for sharing the gifs I collected all these years and to make small small pages for the lovely flower world. DaLangal (ദളങ്ങൾ ) has a sub page named Dalangal (ദലങ്ങൾ).
All gifs & flower pages are updating on this sub page
Dalangal (ദലങ്ങൾ)
I don't own any other blog than this in any other name,especially names starting with Nisha..

Thanking all visitors around the world :) and the friends who shares gifs with me, thankyou so much.
Small is beautiful.. and this is my world where I live happily among the gifs & flowers...

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Beautiful Nature..

My Creations, First On Net Graphics

My graphics corner, sharing first on net graphics...created/edited by myself, thanks to the jpg image provider

By the window watching the moon...

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